Brown Hair Salon - Seattle Wa

Welcome to Brown Hair

Brownhair's open and easy vibe reflects the pride its owner and team take in assuring their clients feel comfortable while there and look terrific when they leave. With only 5 chairs Brownhair offers an intimacy and warmth rarely found in larger salons. Carrying only AVEDA product, we invite you to join us in the experience that is Brownhair.

What's new in the Salon

Fun headbands, pony clips & bobby pins by KITSCH.

Fun  headbands, pony clips & bobby pins by KITSCH.

PonyTail band

Hair Ties

Head Band

Sweet Necklaces and earrings by TUMBLEWEED



Customer Comments

I met Mary years and years ago -- when my hair wasn't as gray as it is now -- and then I moved away and lost touch. When I returned to Seattle I searched her out because ONLY Mary is allowed to touch my hair! She's talented, kind, generous, and always friendly. A savvy business woman, she runs a professional salon that is clean and inviting. Those years I had to endure without her were torturous and perhaps the reason my hair turned so gray, but no matter where I may move to in the future, I will always search out Mary and her many, many talents! - Gretchen