We are open!

As a reminder, this is what you should expect when you visit the salon.


Please wait in your car or outside (distanced from the front door) until your stylist texts or calls you to come in.

Please do not bring a friend or child.

Each guest should arrive wearing a mask, (the kind with ear loops) as you’ll keep it on during your service.

Your stylist will have her mask on as well.

Please use the hand sanitizer station as you enter.

Most importantly, please do not come to the salon if you are sick, or someone in your household is sick.

Stylists will be booking extra time between appointments to disinfect all of their tools, station and all areas of the salon.

We unfortunately will not be serving tea, please no outside food or drink. Magazines and newspapers will not be available.

We ask that you not change out of your clothing, gowns will be available for putting over your clothing. For color services, perhaps wear a collarless shirt you aren’t concerned about getting color on.

Your Service

We will be practicing a high level of sanitation, clean stylist aprons and of course, like always, a clean guest cape.

We will be shampooing with a divider between shampoo bowls and a towel will be provided to cover your face.

If you prefer a dry cut, please let your stylist know and come to your appointment with clean hair.

Scalp massages, beard, mustache and standalone bang trims will not be available services at this time.

Check out

Paying for your service will happen at your stylist’s station.

Let your stylist know if you’d like to purchase Aveda or other items and they will pull items for you from the shelves.

Though it will be a long time before anything feels truly normal, we look forward to being safe and all of us staying healthy as we inch toward that.

New Clients
Unfortunately we are not able to take new clients at this time. Thank you for your understanding!


Mary, Brynn, Jodi and Britnie.